Michaëlle Jean

Michaëlle Jean was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on September 6th 1957. Michaëlle Jean grew up between Port-au Prince and the Haitian town Jacmel.

When Michaëlle Jean was 11 she and her family fled to Canada (Thetford Mines, Quebec) as political refugees. All but her father who was held prisoner and tortured under the regime of François Duvalier.

Michaëlle Jean received a B.A from the University of Montreal in Spanish and Italian languages and a lit degree. She then got her masters in comparative literature and also studied at University of Florence, the University of Perugia, and the Catholic University of Milan.

In 1988 Michaëlle Jean started working for Radio-Canada as a reporter and broadcaster hosting such shows as Le Point, Actuel and Réseau de l'information.

In 1999 Michaëlle Jean started working for CBC Newsworld and hosted two shows that featured documentary films The Passionate Eye and Rough Cuts and in 2004 she had her own tv show Michaëlle.

In 2005 Michaëlle Jean was appointed Governor General of Canada. Michaëlle Jean is the first Black Canadian to hold the post as well as being the first to hold the post that wasn't born in Canada and the first of Caribbean descent.

Michaëlle Jean is married to filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond and the couple have an adopted daughter Marie-Éden (who was born in Jacmel, Haiti)

Jean Grae

Nah, nah, nah I aint talking about the telekinetic chick from the X-men I'm talking about one of the hottest rappers in the game, Jean Grae.

Jean Grae (who's birthname is Tsidi Ibrahim) was born on November 27th 1976 in Cape Town, South Africa and grew up in New York.

Music runs in Jean Grae's family, her father is Jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim and her mother is Jazz vocalist Sathima Bea Benjamin.

Jean Grae career started around 96 preforming under such names as Da Easter Bunny, What What? and Major Woody. Jean Grae was part of the hip-hop group Natural Resource. Not only di Jean Grae (then going by the stage name What? What?) rap but she was also a producer going by the name Run Run Shaw. During this time she also hooked up with the Brooklyn Academy crew.

In 1998 Natural Resource was depleted it was then when the rapper known as What? What? would change her name to Jean Grae and yes she did base her name on the Marvel Comic book character.

In 2002 J.Grae released the LP Attack of the Attacking Things. In 2003 JeanGrae joined the record label Babygrande released the Bootleg of the Bootleg Ep and in 2004 she released the LP This week.

In 2005 Jean Grae joined Talib Kweli record label Blacksmith Records. In 2007 Jean Grae released The Orchestral Files. In 2008 Jean Grae released an album she had been working on with 9th Wonder for years called Jeanius. That same year hip-hop producer duo Blue Sky Black Death made the album The Evil Jeanius which they sampled Jean's raps with beats they produced.

In 2008 Jean Grae also made news when she told people that she was going to retire form hip-hop and start a family. also that year Jean Grae put an ad on Craigslist stating that for $800 she would rap 16 bars

the add is reposted below

So, the economy sucks…. I apparently have another unauthorized album for sale dropping Sept 30th and I figure, if everyones gonna make money offa me, why not make it directly and directly to the people who really love this shit anyway.

Out the hands of big business, straight to you.

So.. you got beats?? cd’s?? envelopes?? yousendit?? protools?

Whatever you got I’ll try and find a way to work with it.

I work fast, so you’ll have em fast.

16’s for $800 (cause 8’s half of 16..ooh math! math yo!) and yeah..we can negotiate.

Maybe you want a hook.. or 8 bars. or an into.. or outro.. whatever.

Figured we’d take advantage of our online community, since some of us may not get the chance to meet in person.

Kinda stick it to the man too. Who doesn’t like that?

You send it to me.. You know you gotta pay me first.. lol … Trust me, if I don’t do it you can find me, right? And talk crappity crap about me, cause it’s the internet.. I like the honor system and was raised on it.

Sooo… lets have some fun with it.. for ONCE in a long time.

Once you got it, you got it. Not looking for any extra publishing or anything..

Like Half Baked, “Go! Sell Weed!”

Just decided to do this today, so we can do deposits or western union.

I like working with people who love doing this and dont get enough shine.. plus, I like money just coming to me.

I’ll put different songs up on my myspace everyday and change you guys to my top friends.

I’m sure I’ll find some producers/emcees I didn’t even know about and that would be awesome.

ok go!






I don't know if the offer is still open.

In 2010 Jean Grae drop the album Cake or Death.

Trina Million Dollar Girl mixtape

here's Trina's new mixtape Million Dollar Girl

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also here's Trina's Miss 305 Mixtape

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Pink's Performance at the Grammy Awards


Wow. That's really all I can say. Did you all see Pink's performance last night at the Grammy Awards? It was breathtaking. She sang beautifully, and then stunned the crowd with her phenomenal Cirque-du-Soleil performance. I know it was similar to what she did at the VMAs, but I still thought it was just as impressive and absolutely flawless. What did you think?

Didn't catch it? You have to see this ... Watch it here!


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