Halloween Costumes: Get Inspiration From Celebrities

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Glee Stars on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Check out the new cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring the stars of the hit Fox musical-comedy Glee!


The Box-Office Beat

See what movies made the big bucks this weekend at the box office ...

1 - Where the Wild Things Are: $32.5 M
2 - Law Abiding Citizen: $21.3 M
3 - Paranormal Activity: $20.2 M
4 - Couples Retreat: $17.9 M
5 - The Stepfather: $12.3 M
6 - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: $8.1 M
7 - Zombieland: $7.8 M
8 - Toy Story: $3.0 M
9 - Surrogates: $1.9 M
10 - The Invention of Lying: $1.9 M

Sophie Okonedo

Sophie Okonedo was born in London, England in 1968.

Sophie Okonedo in bi-racial her father is Nigerian and her mother is Jewish of Polish/Russian decent.

Sophie Okonedo's career into acting started when she was 18 and she was a student in a writer's workshop for Time Out. At the workshop Sophie Okonedo's writing coach (screenwriter Hanif Kureishi) noticed that Sophie Okonedo was really good at giving dramatic renditions of other people's stories and encouraged her to go into acting.

Sophie Okonedo started acting in the Royal Court Theater and short after that she studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Sophie Okonedo had a pretty well reachieved acting career in the theater yet her career in film/television started off a bit slow, in 1991 she appeared in her first film Young Soul Rebels, a few years later she played a tribal princess (yes you read that right) in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

Sophie Okonedo breakout role would be in movie Dirty Pretty Things and Hotel Rwanda.

other films and tv shows/movies Sophie Okonedo acted in include Stormbreaker, ├ćon Flux, Alibi, Tsunami: The Aftermath, Oliver Twist, Skin, Mrs. Mandela, Martian Child, and the Secret Life of Bees.

James Franco to Guest-Star on General Hospital


So, okay forgive me … Things have been super-busy lately, so I’ve ignored the whole Letterman scandal, and let you read it elsewhere (even though I've been following it myself like a fiend.) And I haven't dissected all the new Fall TV shows yet ... And I've neglected to chitchat about silly little gossip ... like the fact that Katie Holmes lets Suri Cruise wear heels.

But I can't let this one go... And maybe I’m a couple days late in my response here ... but, WHAT?!?!? James Franco is joining the cast of General Hospital?!?!? Yep, Franco has signed on for a two-month guest role on the highly dramatic ABC soap opera. Am I the only one here who is seriously confused? Last time I checked big stars don’t do soaps. (Small stars are supposed to hope to become big stars by doing gigs on silly soaps!) And Franco is sort of a big star. He’s gotten a lot of acclaim over the last few years for roles in Milk, Pineapple Express ... and a little movie called Spiderman! He’s also set to star in the upcoming movie sure-to-be-huge Eat, Pray, Love. So, yeah ... What?!?!

This is not the first time Franco has done things backwards. In 2008, he enrolled in classes at NYU and Columbia ... which kind of made sense. He wanted to write, act, and hone his craft. But this career choice is just weird.

So what do we think of his new gig? Is it going to ultimately help or hurt his career? As they probably asked in his University acting classes, "James, what's your motivation?"

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The Box-Office Beat

Blood, guts, and flesh ruled at the box office this weekend. The comedic flick Zombieland, starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, took the top spot. Spaghetti tornadoes, burger blizzards, and 3D meatballs from the sky fell into second place. See what other big-budget flicks made the big bucks on the big screen ...


1 - Zombieland: $25.0 M
2 - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: $16.7 M
3 - Toy Story/ Toy Story 2 (3D): $12.5 M
4 - The Invention of Lying: $7.4 M
5 - Surrogates: $7.3 M
6 - Capitalism: A Love Story: $4.9 M
7 - Whip It: $4.9 M
8 - Fame: $4.8 M
9 - The Informant!: $3.8 M
10 - Love Hapens: $2.8 M

Peter and Vandy


As anyone who’s ever been in love can tell you, it’s a slippery slope from “We’re head over heels in love!” to “We’re fine.” Peter and Vandy takes us through the relationship of a young New York couple – just not in chronological order. Most movie romances end when the relationship is beginning. Peter and Vandy’s love story goes much further than that. The story shifts back and forth in time, whipping between their romantic beginnings and the inevitable struggles that follow. With star-making performances by Jason Ritter and Jess Weixler, Peter and Vandy is a unique take on the exhilaration and frustrations love can bring – a love story in disorder.

Peter and Vandy opens in New York and Los Angeles on October 9, 2009.

Kandi Burruss

Singer and reality show star Kandi Burruss was born on May 17th 1976 in, Atlanta Georgia. Kandi Burruss maybe best known for her stage names of Kandi and Kandi girl.

When Kandi Burruss was 15 she first step on the national stage when she sang on episode of BET's Teen Summit show.

Childhood friends Kandi Burruss and Tameka Cottle (aka Tiny) meet sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott at Tri-City High school in College Park, Georgia in 1990 and they formed the group Xscape.

In 1991 Jermaine Dupri heard the Xscape signing at an MLK festival in the ATL and he decided to sign them to his record label So So Def.

the next year they started recording music for Dupri and in 1993 Xscape released there first album, Hummin' Comin' at 'Cha. The album when platinum and was number 17 on the billboard top 200 (and no. 3 on the Billboard R&B/hip-hop chart.) Kandi Burruss was just a Junior in high school at the time.

Kandi Burruss and Xscape released two more platinum albums in the years that followed. Off the Hook in 1995 and Traces of Lipstick in 1998. Later in 98 the group break up.

After the break-up of Xscape Kandi Burruss went into song writing and producing music. Kandi Burruss and Tiny wrote the song Scrubs for the group TLC. Kandi Burruss also wrote Bills, Bills, Bills and Bug a Boo for Destiny's Child, Pink's There You go, as well as songs for Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, Da Brat, NSYNC, N-Toon, Solo, Usher, Mya, Joe, MC Lyte and Whitney Houston.

In 2000 Kandi Burruss returned to singing and singed with Columbia records. That year Kandi Burruss released the album Hey Kandi. The album sold below the record labels expectations and so Columbia dropped Kandi Burruss form their label.

In 2003 Kandi Burruss had a daughter (Riley) with her then boyfriend Russell "Block" Spencer owner of the record label Block Entertainment.

In 2006 Kandi Burruss started recording for her second album. But Kandi Burruss put the album on hold when her single "I need" featuring 8ball and MJG didn't seem to catch on with the public.

In 2007 Kandi Burruss teamed up with rapper Rasheeda to from the duo Peach Candy (Rasheeda's the peach and Kandi is well the candy) Peach Candy has yet to release a full album but in 09 they released a 5 song EP on Itunes.

In 2009 Kandi Burruss begin a relationship with Ashley "A.J." Jewell and where engaged to be married after a few months of dating.

also in 2009 Kandi Burruss joined the cast of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, part of the show covered the tensions between Kandi and AJ over the fact that AJ had a bunch of kids with other women. The wedding was called of in September.

Kandi Burruss wrote the song Tardy for the Party for castmate Kim Zolciak's pop/country album.

also due out in 2009/10 Kandi Burruss 2nd album B.L.O.G (B-words love online gossip...wait is she talking about us)

On October 2nd 2009 Kandi Burruss ex-fiance AJ Jewell was killed in a fight in front of the Atlanta strip club the Body Trap. the reason the fight broke out it seems is that the AJ was going out with one of the dancers in the club, the problem was that the bartender (Fredrick Richardson ) was also dating the same stripper. The two got into a fight which ended with AJ dieing of brain trauma.