Michael Jackson reported to have died

Micheal Jackson died today (June 25th 2009)of cardiac arrest.

This afternoon Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital due to a a problem with his heart and he feel into a coma.

the king of pop was working on a comeback tour and a new album before passing.

in tribute of the king of pop here are a few of my favorite MJ songs

Ed McMahon Passes Away

Ed McMahon died this morning at a Los Angeles hospital. He was 86 years old. McMahon had been hospitalized for pneumonia at the beginning of this year and was also battling cancer. He had a great career as Johnny Carson's sidekick on the The Tonight Show. (Who doesn't remember his famous "Heeeeee're Johnny!") McMahon also hosted the television talent show, Star Search.
Today, we pay tribute to Ed McMahon and remember his legendary career in Hollywood.

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Jon and Kate Are Getting Divorced

Jon and Kate Gosselin from TLC’s reality TV series Jon and Kate Plus 8 have officially announced that they're getting divorced! They have been married for 10 years, and have been shaky for the past six months. Both have agreed that it is best for their children. Jon says, “It's not good for us to be arguing in front of the kids.” There has been a whole lot of publicity around their troubled relationship, but the announcement was comes as a shock. They have thought it all out and are still carrying on with the show, just parenting at different times. The kids will still live at home, since the house was bought for them.

Kate was very upset and apparently sobbed, and said "Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate ... I was thinking we were going to beat that.” Yet, she was the one to make the first legal move. When they announced their divorce on the show, she had already called a lawyer. This is the first reality show that is going to air while the divorce is going on!

They seemed like the perfect family! The show is going to be so different now!

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Cute Celebrity Dads

These doting dads spend some quality time with their biggest fans: their children. And with daddy's day around the corner, Glam is paying tribute to our favorite famous fathers. From Ben Affleck to Brad Pitt, these proud papas, with their beautiful babies, make us melt.

To see the photos of our favorite (sexy) celebrity dads, visit Glam.com.

Bigger Isn't Better for Posh

Former Posh Spice, Victorian Beckham, recently reduced her already implanted double D’s. This has been her third breast surgery so far. She initially had wanted the busty look because she had the big hair and the fake tan ... and, well, it all just went together. But she now says she has moved on! She doesn't think it works as a new fashion designer and a mum. She is currently in France recovering, and is pleased with the results!

- Aanchal

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A New Role for Megan Fox

Get this ... The sexy Megan Fox plays a "tough, no nonsense" prostitute in the comic-turned-movie, Jonah Hex. She enjoyed playing the part and said it was loads more fun than she thought it would be. In fact, she could related. “When you think about it, we actors are kind of prostitutes,” she says in the July issue of British GQ. “We get paid to feign attraction and love. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone, touching someone, doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who’s not their partner. It’s really kind of gross.”

Gorgeous and smart! We look forward to her movie coming out late in 2010. (oh, and don’t forget to go see Transformers!)

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the R&B singer Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on February 20th 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados.

Rihanna's father is Barbadian and her mother is Guyanese. Rihanna's parents divorced when she was 14.

In high school Rihanna was a member of Barbados' Military Cadets and her drill sergeant just happened to be singer Shontelle.

also in high school like many kids Rihanna had singer group with some of her friends. When Rihanna was 15 she and the other girls in her group meet producer Evan Rogers, while he was on vacation in Barbados. Rogers thought that Rihanna had what it takes to be a star (not so much with her friends in the group) and he and his music partner Carl Sturken helped Rihanna record her demo album while Rihanna was still going to school (they work when Rihanna was on summer and winter break and she could go to the US)

at 16 Rihanna won the Miss Combermere Beauty Pageant also at age 16 Rihanna moved in with Evan Rogers and his wife and finished her demo.

around 2005 Rihanna's demo was heard by then president of Def Jam Jay-Z who signed her to the label.

Rihanna first appeared on Memphis Bleek's song 534.

in 2005 Rihanna released her first album Music of the sun. the album included the hit dance hall song Pon de Replay.

IN 2006 (not even a full year after her first album) Rihanna released her 2nd album A girl like me. A Girl Like Me brought Rihanna her first song to reach number one on the billboard charts with SOS.

the next year Rihanna released her 3rd and most successful album so far with Good Girl Gone Bad. With this Album Rihanna had the hit songs Umbrella, Take a Bow and Disturbia.

also during the time of Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna changed to a more sexual image then the cute teen singer image she started out with.

in 2008 Rihanna released an extended version of Good Girl Gone Bad with Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, which included extra songs and a DVD.

Sadly even though this is the period of Rihanna's greatest success so far this good girl gone bad would soon face some bad times when Rihanna was beaten by her boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown.

being the victim of domestic abuse is hard on anyone but Rihanna had to deal with all folding out on the public stage. Not only did the photo of a beaten Rihanna taken by the police get released for the public to see, there has been people rumors spread that the beating was Rihanna's fault due to her giving Chris Brown herpes. This rumor is unfounded for 2 reasons it's not true and even so it doesn't make a man beating a woman any more right.

Now it seems that Rihanna is putting Chris Brown behind her, there have been rumors she's been dating Canadian rapper Drake, Basket Ball player Andrew Bynum and probably just because she was featured in one of his music videos there has been a rumor that she is dating Kanye West

Rihanna is rumored to have agreed to pose for Playboy.

Negra Li

Negra Li is a rapper/singer from Brazil.

Negra Li was born Liliane de Carvalho, in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 17 1979.

Negra Li is a member of the rap group RZO (Reação Zona Oeste) around 2003, RZO is a group this is credited as being on of the driving forces of bringing hip-hop to Brazil in the 80's.

Negra Li then team-up with the rapper Helia

Negra Li went solo in 2004 with her album Guerreiro, Guerreira (which translates into Warrior, Warrior)

in 2006 Negra Li released her 2nd album Negra Livre (Black Free)

in 2006 Negra Li also starred in the movie Antônia, which was about four young women from a poor neighborhood that form a rap group called Antônia

the next year Antônia became a tv show that stars Negra Li and also the title for Negra Li's 3rd album

Negra Li is married to Carlos Crécio Jr

Akon featured Negara Li on his song Beautiful

and here is Negra Li covering a few popular American songs in english