Keyshia Cole

For those that know Keyshia Cole is an R&B and star of the BET reality show, The Way It Is

Keyshia Cole came blazing into the music scene in 2005 when she released her album The Way It Is. The album debated in the top 10 in the billboard charts (at #6) and Keyshia Cole also nominated for a 2 grammies. Not bad for one's first album.

The success of Keyshia Cole's debute album lead to her getting her own reality show on BET. The show's title is the same as the one of her first album. Keyshia Cole's TV show was the highest rated tv show in BET history.

Keyshia Cole was able to use the success of her TV show to help increase the success of her second album Just Like You which was released in 2007. the same day as the second season of her reality show.

Keyshia Miesha Cole was born on Oct 15th in 1981 in Oakland, CA.

Keyshia Cole was adopted at age 2 by Yvonne Cole. Her biological mother couldn't raise her due to being addicated to drugs and her biological dad wasn't in the picture.

Keyshia Cole is biracial, her mom is Black and her dad is Italian-American.

Keyshia Cole's older brother is rapper Nutt-So who is the member of StreeThugs.

Cancer-Free Christina : )

Christina Applegate is 100% clear of cancer! The Samantha Who actress had a double mastectomy three weeks ago to completely kill the disease. Her reasoning, she tested positive for the breast cancer gene BRCA1. Appearing on Good Morning America this morning, she described her emotions as this, "Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I scream, and I get really angry and I get really into wallowing in self-pity sometimes, and I think it’s all part of healing."

She will be going through reconstructive surgery for the next eight months in which she says, "I'm gonna have cute boobs till I'm 90."

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- Erin Dustin

Wow, Can We Say Muscles?

Dear Zacky,

Where you been hiding those big guns?



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Team Audrina

Last night kicked off the season 4 premiere of The Hills and there were no dull moments.

Looove Whitney, Doug's a hottie, Lauren's always the peacemaker, (at least she's trying) as far as Audrina and Lo's friendship goes, opposites don't attract this time, still can't stand Heidi and Spencer, um and how big is Lo, LC and Audrina's house?!

From the Laguna days to this, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm gonna have to take Audrina's side on this one. Sorry Lo.

Looks like this season won't disappoint!

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- Erin Dustin

Bow Wow dating Rev Run's daughter

it seems that Reverend Run's daughter Vanessa Simmons (age 25) and Bow Wow (age 21) have been spotted out on the town of NY making out at parties.

Marlon Wayans will be in the GI JOE movie

Marlon Wayans will play Ripcord in the up coming live action GI Joe Movie

and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will also be in the movie playing Heavy Duty.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks maybe best know for being a model and the host of such shows as America's next top model and the Tyra Banks Show

Tyra Banks was born and raised in Inglewood, California. Born Tyra Lynne Banks on December 4th 1973.

Tyra Banks started modeling when she was around the age of 16.

Tyra Banks was the first African American women on the covers of GQ, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the Victoria's Secret catalog

In 93 Tyra Banks also tried her hand in acting when she landed the role of Jackie Ames on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Trya Banks has also appeared in such moves as Higher Learning, Halloween: Resurrection, Coyote Ugly and Love and Basketball

Tyra Banks is not only the host of the shows The Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model but also is the producer of these shows.

Demi Loves Her Some Jo Bros

Especially Nick, I mean thats what I hear.

In yet another YouTube video, Selena promotes the boys' new album. Like, she REALLY wants you to buy it!

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Britney's Promos

Britneywith long blonde hair!

Britney cracking jokes!

Britney laughing!

Britney looking GOOD! It kinda makes me smile : )

Check out her and Russell Brand's promos for the 2008 VMA's:

- Erin Dustin

R.I.P. X 2

Sadly this past weekend the entertainment world lost two superstars.

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac, 50, died Saturday morning due to complications of pneumonia. Mac had been hospitalized since July 24 and there had been many rumors going around about the condition of his health. His wife of 31 years, Rhonda, and their daughter Je'Niece were with him when he passed.

Singer and songwriter Isaac Hayes, known for the theme song from Shaft, collapsed at his home in Memphis on Sunday. He was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead soon after. The soul man was 65.

Ironically, both Mac and Hayes had already started filming scenes for the movie Soul Men, in which they were both appearing in.

You both will be greatly missed!

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- Erin Dustin

Tori Is 9021-Out

Tori Spelling will no longer be reprising her role as Donna Martin in the 90210 spinoff starting in Sept.


Sources are saying that she pulled out due to her salary. Apparently it wasn't the same as her other original costars, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty.

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He Babysits Too?!

If George Clooney wasn't perfect enough! Get this. While vacationing on the Mediterranean this summer with various friends including Cindy Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber, Clooney has not only been showing off his barbecuing talent, but also lending a helping hand, babysitting the couple's two kids, Presley and Kaia!

Let's all say it together now, AWWWW!

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- Erin Dustin

Suri Joins Katie and Her New 'Do

Suri is now in town! The mother-daughter duo have been spotted around NYC at playgrounds and attending shows like "The Little Mermaid."

And p.s., what do y'all think of Katie's new do! I love it so much, I've been slightly considering chopping off my own locks!

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- Erin Dustin

Meet The New Breakfast Club

I love me some Breakfast Club (Sat. morning detention never looked so fun!) and at this moment I am loving JCPenney's back to school commercial! And I even don't mind seeing it played many a time during the day! It gives me an excuse to sing at the top of my lungs, "Don't you, forget about me..."

- Erin Dustin

The Teens Chose Who Surfed Away With A Win

Miley was the ultimate triple-threat as she performed (in SUCH a cute outfit) slash hosted slash danced-off.

Gossip Girl and the Jo Bros struck gold.

David Beckham shared the award with his boys. (And cutie Cruz danced!)

LC and her Hills are still oh so popular.

Hayden Panettiere screamed with glee, loving her girl power.

Vanessa Hudgens is a hottie. (And obvs. Zac is too!)

Will Smith still rocks the summer screen and the teens know it.

Fergie and her braid looked amazing.

Ed Westwick is TV's best villian. (Chuck Bass - Heart!)

I must say it was a very fun-filled, entertaining evening!

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- Erin Dustin

Morgan Freeman in Car Accident

Morgan Freeman was in serious condition after being involved in a car accident Sunday night in Mississippi. Him and a female passenger were airlifted to a hospital in Memphis after the actor's car flipped several times. Although the "jaws of life" were used to extract him from the car, Freeman was said to be in good spirits, conscious and even making a few jokes as people crowded around to see the star.

Update: Freeman suffered a broken arm, a broken elbow and some damage to his shoulder. He will be having surgery to fix his injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Good news is that there were no drugs and alcohol involved!

Best wishes for a full recovery Mr. Freeman!

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- Erin Dustin

What Is She Hiding?

Apparently nothing according to her lawyer Michael C. Miller. "Despite tabloid speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen had nothing whatsoever to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's home or his body, and she does not know where he obtained them."

I wonder why she won't speak to investigators in the case surrounding the late actor's death unless she has immunity from prosecution?

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Oh Em Gee, So Excited!

The pictures are in and double the cuteness! And can we please pay special attention to Shiloh holding her little sister, so so precious! First on the agenda tomorrow, buy People's newest oh so exciting issue! (19 pages of pics and Jolie-Pitt family fun! I'm trying to think of something better than that, and nope, nothing!)

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Christina For Macy's

Abso-freaking-lutely gorgeous! Xtina at her best!

-Erin Dustin

I Dig Them Too

"I dig Jake and Reese together. They seem happy." - Clifton Collins Jr., old friend of Reese and costar of Jake in their upcoming film Brothers.

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If I Were You...

I'd be on this Sunday, 7 p.m. (Eastern time) to check out the first pics of Angie and Brad's Vivienne and Knox! I can barely contain my excitement!

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