Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae is a sultry British neo-soul singer.

Corinne Bailey Rae was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire on February 26, 1979. Her mother was white and her father was from the Caribbean island St Kitts. growing up she faced a lot of racism from other kids, oddly enough the kids that tried to insult her completely got her race wrong and attacked her for being Pakistani.

at 15 Corinne started a all girl rock group called Helen, the group had some local success and in 95 they where signed to Roadrunner Records. But the band broke up shortly afterwards.

in college Corinne Bailey worked at a jazz club where she would perform on slow days. There she feel in love with both Jazz and future husband Jason Rae.

after college Corinne Bailey Rae worked with local groups for about 3 years and then in 2005 she release her first single Like a Star and her self titled debut album was released the next year.