Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is a singer/actress, who first came to fame for being on the 3rd season of American Idol.

although she lost (some say due to racism, some say just faith due to a big power outage in her hometown chi-town)Jennifer Hudson didn't become America's Idol, but with her Golden Globe award winning role as Effie White of the film abdication of the musical Dreamgirls it is clear that her star is still rising

Before become a celebrity worked as a cruise ship entertainer

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is an actress who has been in such films as Ray, Little Man, Fantastic Four and She Hate Me

Kerry Washington was born on January 31 1977 in the Bronx.

Kerry Washington's first filmed acting role in 1994 for ABC telefilm Magic Make-over. In 96 she was on the PBS kid show Standard Deviants.

Before becoming a study actress Kerry worked at a substatue teacher. She says that she couldn't work at the same school for more then 3 days in a row because she wanted to be focused on being an actress and thought that she would become attached to the kids and want to stay and become a teacher, like her mother. even if she like the ideal of having a study job and health care.