so did you ever want to sleep with Mike Tyson


then you are in luck. Mike Tyson has just joined Heidi Fleiss' legal brothel in Nevada.

Fleiss said Tyson is "going to be my big stallion"

Gerald Lervert

R&B singer Gerald Levert has passed away today due to an heart attack

Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones was one of the four co-stars on the show Girlfriends, for 6 season. Though she left the show before the 7th season.

But for those who are hoping to see more of Jill Marie Jones then you can see her in more then alcohol commercial she will be in the up coming films Redurm, Universal Remote and Perfect Christmas.

Before going into acting Jill Marie Jones was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and a dancer for the Dallas Mavericks. As well as being a model.

Jill Marie Jones was January 4th 1975 in Dallas, Texas.